Belongs within: Agromyzidae. Liriomyza is a diverse genus of leaf-mining flies feeding on a wide range of plant hosts, with the highest diversity of species found in northern temperate regions (Boucher 2010). Characters (from Boucher 2010): Frons and scutellum usually bright yellow (either or both occasionally dark); lunule not especially high or large; three (sometimes… Continue reading Liriomyza


Belongs within: Agromyzidae. Cerodontha is a genus of leaf-mining flies that develop on species of Monocotyledoneae. The genus is characterised by the presence in the male terminalia of L-shaped subepandrial sclerites (Boucher 2010). <==CerodonthaB10 | i. s.: C. australis [=C. denticornis]M83 | C. flavocingulataS87 | C. frankensisS87 | C. robustaCM91 | C. scirpivoraS87 |–C. (Cerodontha)… Continue reading Cerodontha


Belongs within: Agromyzidae. Phytomyza is a diverse genus of agromyzid flies including both leaf-mining species and borers in seeds and stems. Representatives include P. rufipes which is a pest on species of Brassica (Boucher 2010). Characters (from Boucher 2010): Fronto-orbital setulae distinctly proclinate; costa extending only to vein R4+5; crossvein dm-cu usually absent; halter white.… Continue reading Phytomyza


Belongs within: Agromyzidae. Agromyza is a genus of leaf-mining flies most diverse in temperate regions of the Holarctic. Larvae of most species are leaf-miners and have been recorded from a wide range of host plants (Boucher 2010). Characters (from Boucher 2010): Body without metallic sheen; gena usually angular, deepest at rear; usually three or more… Continue reading Agromyza


Belongs within: Schizophora.Contains: Agromyza, Melanagromyza, Phytomyza, Cerodontha, Liriomyza. The Agromyzidae are a group of mostly small or minute flies, the larvae of which form mines or galls in plants. Females have a well-sclerotised ovipositor that is used to insert eggs into plant tissue. As a result of damage from oviposition and larval feeding, some species… Continue reading Agromyzidae

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