Belongs within: Schizophora.Contains: Anthomyzidae. The Heleomyzidae are a group of flies characterised by strong, convergent postocellar bristles, wing with a subcostal but no humeral break, and a preapical dorsal bristle on each tibia. The circumscription of the group has been disputed; as recognised below, it may be paraphyletic to the family Anthomyzidae (Wiegmann et al.… Continue reading Heleomyzidae


Belongs within: Heleomyzidae. The Anthomyzidae are a group of small, usually slender flies that are mostly found in damp habitats (Barber & Roháček 2010). Characters (from Barber & Roháček 2010): Small (body length 1.1–3.4 mm), usually slender flies, ranging in colour from yellow to black, shiny to distinctly microtomentose; wings usually long, narrow, sometimes marked,… Continue reading Anthomyzidae