Belongs within: Streblidae. The Nycteribiidae, spider bat flies, are a group of flattened, flightless flies that live as blood-feeding ectoparasites of bats. The head is remarkably small and held folded back on the thorax when not feeding, and the insertions of the legs are displaced to the dorsal side of the thorax (Graciolli 2010). Nycteribiids… Continue reading Nycteribiidae


Belongs within: Schizophora.Contains: Streblidae. The Hippoboscoidea are haematophagous flies that feed on birds and mammals. Members of the clade have mouthparts are modified into a rigid proboscis armed with prestomal teeth. Larvae are nourished by secretions of “milk” glands within a uterus-like structure in the female abdomen and are not laid until shortly before pupation… Continue reading Hippoboscoidea