Belongs within: Lauxaniidae. The Trigonometopini are a group of lauxaniid flies with an elongate head bearing broad, setose fronto-orbital plates (Papp 2007). Characters (from Papp 2007): Body yellow, ochre, seldom dark. Head elongated, usually longer than high. Broad, setose fronto-orbital plates present. Anterior orbital seta reclinate, inclinate or absent. Ocellar setae mostly absent or minute,… Continue reading Trigonometopini


Belongs within: Schizophora.Contains: Lauxaniidae. The Lauxanioidea are a group of small to medium-sized flies characterised by convergent postvertical bristles, a shortened anal vein that does not reach the wing margin, and the presence of only a single dorsal sclerite between the sixth tergite and the periandrium in the male. They include the Celyphidae, beetle flies,… Continue reading Lauxanioidea


Belongs within: Lauxanioidea.Contains: Trigonometopini. The Lauxaniidae are a family of flies whose larvae mostly live in fallen leaves and other rotting vegetation. Several genera include nidicolous species, feeding on decaying matter in bird nests. Adults graze on fungi growing on fallen leaves (Gaimari & Silva 2010). The internal classification of the family is somewhat poorly… Continue reading Lauxaniidae