Belongs within: Tipulidae. The Tipulinae are a group of mostly large crane flies, with wing lengths commonly over 10 mm. The legs are particularly long and slender in members of the genera Dolichopeza, Megistocera and Brachypremna; other genera have stouter albeit still long legs (Alexander & Byers 1981). Megistocera have antennae with only six flagellomeres… Continue reading Tipulinae


Belongs within: Tipulidae.Contains: Limnophila, Gynoplistia, Hexatoma, Chioneini. The Limnophilini are a group of crane flies with glabrous eyes and tibial spurs. Members of the genus Hexatoma have at most ten antennomeres though the antenna overall may be greatly elongated (Alexander & Byers 1981). Characters (from Alexander & Byers 1981, as Hexatomini): Eyes glabrous. Terminal segment of palpus… Continue reading Limnophilini


Belongs within: Limnophilini. The Chioneini are a group of crane flies characterised by bare eyes and legs lacking tibial spurs (Alexander & Byers 1981). Characters (from Alexander & Byers 1981, as Eriopterini): Eyes glabrous. Terminal segment of palpus short; nasus absent. Tibial spurs absent. Wings, if present, with Sc1 complete, free tip of Sc2 absent,… Continue reading Chioneini


Belongs within: Diptera.Contains: Tipulidae. The Tipulomorpha are a clade of flies uniting the crane flies (Tipulidae) with the winter crane flies (Trichoceridae). Modern members of the lineage lack mandibles, and their wings have R2 joining R1, the stem of M tending to align with M3+4, and 2A very short and submarginal (Blagoderov et al. 2002).… Continue reading Tipulomorpha


Belongs within: Tipulidae. Dicranomyia is a large cosmopolitan genus of moderately-sized crane flies with twelve flagellomeres. <==Dicranomyia Stephens 1829S90 |–D. (Dicranomyia)G09 | |–D. (D.) aegrotans [=Limonia (D.) aegrotans]M83 | |–D. (D.) divisaG09 | |–D. (D.) gloriosaG09 | |–D. (D.) knabiG09 | |–D. (D.) neopulchripennis (Alexander 1940) [=Limonia (D.) neopulchripennis]A40 | |–D. (D.) omisaG09 | |–D.… Continue reading Dicranomyia


Belongs within: Tipulomorpha.Contains: Dicranota, Limnophilini, Cylindrotominae, Tipulinae, Limonia, Dicranomyia, Geranomyia, Orimarga. The Tipulidae, crane flies, are a cosmopolitan group of mostly slender, long-legged flies that differ from all other flies in the presence of a V-shaped suture dividing the mesoscutum, and usually two complete anal veins in the wings (if present). Some classifications divide the… Continue reading Tipulidae