Belongs within: Panorpoidea.Contains: Rhyacophiloidea, Integripalpia, Psychomyioidea, Hydropsychidae. The Trichoptera, caddisflies, are a group of moth-like insects with aquatic larvae that feed on algae or organic detritus. Larvae of many species construct protective cases using silk and/or debris; others are free-living or inhabit fixed retreats (Grimaldi & Engel 2005). Adults have reduced mouthparts and do not… Continue reading Trichoptera


Belongs within: Integripalpia.Contains: Goeridae, Limnephilidae. The Limnephiloidea are a clade of caddisflies in which the larvae bear a median horn-shaped process on the prosternum that ends in a glandular opening; adults have the dorsal tentorial arms developed and the male maxillary palp is turned upwards and usually has less than five segments (Ivanov & Sukatsheva… Continue reading Limnephiloidea


Belongs within: Hydropsychidae. Hydropsyche is a cosmopolitan genus of caddisflies in which fore wings have crossveins M3+4-Cu1 and Cu1-Cu2 widely separated, and hind wings are apically narrow and have the median cell closed. <==Hydropsyche Pictet 1834BZ-M04 |–H. acinoxas Malicky 1981BZ-M04 |–H. alternansR38 |–H. ambiguaBZ-M04 |–H. amblis Ross 1938R38 |–H. angustipennisCS77 |–H. atomariaL49 |–H. brevis Mosely… Continue reading Hydropsyche


Belongs within: Trichoptera.Contains: Hydrobiosinae. The Rhyacophiloidea are a group of caddisflies in which the larvae are mostly carnivorous and use bottom crevices as retreats, only producing silk immediately before pupation. The larval antenna bears two basiconic sensillae with a single trichoid sensilla between them (Ivanov & Sukatsheva 2002). <==Rhyacophiloidea |–HydrobiosidaeGE05 | | i. s.: Palaeohydrobiosis… Continue reading Rhyacophiloidea


Belongs within: Rhyacophiloidea. The Hydrobiosinae are a group of caddisflies in which the larvae possess a heavily sclerotised prosternum and enlarged, chelate forelegs with a distal process on the femur articulating with the combined tibia, tarsus and claw. <==HydrobiosinaeN83 |–Anachorema Mosely 1953N83 |–Notiobiosis Banks 1939N83 |–Allobiosis Mosely 1953N83 | `–*A. erratica Mosely 1953N83 |–Ipsebiosis Neboiss… Continue reading Hydrobiosinae


Belongs within: Hydroptilidae. The Orthotrichiini are a cosmopolitan group of caddisflies whose larvae possess flattened, tapering mandibles and a broad, flat labium. <==OrthotrichiiniBZ-M04 |–Ithytrichia Eaton 1873BZ-M04 `–Orthotrichia Eaton 1873BZ-M04 |–*O. angustella (McLachlan 1865) [=Hydroptila angustella]N83 |–O. aberrans Wells 1979N83 |–O. aculeata Wells 1979N83 |–O. adornata Wells 1979N83 |–O. alveata Wells 1979N83 |–O. armata Wells 1979N83… Continue reading Orthotrichiini


Belongs within: Integripalpia.Contains: Orthotrichiini, Hydroptilini. The Hydroptilidae, micro-caddises, are a group of very small caddisflies (usually less than five millimetres in length) with narrow wings bearing fringes of long hairs, those on the hind wing often being long than the width of the wing itself. <==Hydroptilidae [Hydroptiloidea] |–Palaeagapetus [Ptilocolepinae]KP19 | `–P. nearcticusKP19 `–HydroptilinaeBZ-M04 | i.… Continue reading Hydroptilidae


Belongs within: Hydroptilidae. The Hydroptilini are a group of caddisflies with a basal whorl of protective hairs on the antennae and more or less triangular meso- and metascutella, and whose larvae feed on filamentous green algae. <==HydroptiliniBZ-M04 |–Allotrichia McLachlan 1880BZ-M04 | `–A. pallicornis (Eaton 1873)BZ-M04 |–Oxyethira Eaton 1873BZ-M04 | |–*O. costalis (Curtis 1834) [=Hydroptila costalis]N83… Continue reading Hydroptilini


Belongs within: Leptoceroidea.Contains: Oecetis, Triplectides. The Leptoceridae, long-horned caddisflies, are a cosmopolitan group of caddisflies with long, slender wings and notably long, filiform antennae. <==Leptoceridae | i. s.: ErotesisIS02 | OligoplectrumIS02 | PraeathripsodesP92 |–LeptocerinaeBZ-M04 | | i. s.: Leptocerus Leach 1815N83 | | |–*L. interruptus (Fabricius 1775) [=Phryganea interrupta]N83 | | |–L. assimulans (Ulmer 1916)… Continue reading Leptoceridae


Belongs within: Leptoceroidea.Contains: Conoesucidae. The Sericostomatoidea are a clade of caddisflies in which the larval pronotum is desclerotised caudally, the abdominal proleg seta 7 is displaced dorsad to the claw base, and abdominal tergum 9 is membranous (Ivanov & Sukatsheva 2002). <==Sericostomatoidea | i. s.: PetrotrincidaeIS02 | BarbarochthonidaeIS02 | Antipodoecia Mosely 1934N83 [AntipodoeciidaeIS02] | `–*A.… Continue reading Sericostomatoidea