Belongs within: Auchenorrhyncha.Contains: Cercopoidea, Tibicinidae, Cicadidae, Cicadellidae, Membracidae. The Clypeata are the crown clade of living species of the Cicadomorpha. They are characterised by a large, swollen postclypeus, and probably ancestrally feed on xylem (some subgroups feed on phloem or mesophyll) (Shcherbakov & Popov 2002). Three ocelli are present on the crown of the head… Continue reading Clypeata


Belongs within: Clypeata.Contains: Cicada (Mannifera), Cicada (Spumans). The Cicadidae include the large cicadas, characterised by the presence in males a pair of covers completely or partially covering the tymbal drum. Members include the periodical cicadas (Magicicada spp.) of North America, famed for their mass synchronous emergences after multi-year growth periods. Males of the Australian genera… Continue reading Cicadidae


Belongs within: Clypeata.Contains: Dikraneura, Proconiini, Cicadellini, Tungurahualini, Erythroneurini, Empoascini, Agalliini, Recilia, Athysanella, Deltocephalini, Athysanini, Euscelini, Macrostelini. The Cicadellidae, leafhoppers, are a diverse family of small plant-feeding insects. They are distinguished from related families by presence of numerous spines on the hind tibiae; the fore wing usually has vein M1+2 apically fused with RP, and males… Continue reading Cicadellidae


Belongs within: Auchenorrhyncha. The Fulgoridae, lanternflies, are a group of medium-sized to large planthoppers in which the head is often remarkably prolonged before the eyes. Species of the Neotropical genus Fulgora are sometimes referred to as peanut bugs in reference to the shape of the head. Characters (from Carver et al. 1991): Large species, 15… Continue reading Fulgoridae


Belongs within: Clypeata. The Cercopoidea, froghoppers, are a group of plant-sucking bugs with relatively soft-bodied nymphs that live concealed in masses of spittle or calcareous tubes. Nymphs of Cercopidae are often subterranean (Carver et al. 1991). Characters (from Carver et al. 1991): Head variously shaped, sometimes narrowly produced anteriorly; antennae anterior to eyes; tentorium complete;… Continue reading Cercopoidea


Belongs within: Auchenorrhyncha. The Achilidae are a group of often flattened planthoppers whose nymphs live under bark or in cavities in dead wood (Carver et al. 1991). Characters (from Carver et al. 1991): Apical segment of rostrum distinctly longer than wide. Fore wings usually folded flat, partially overlapping at rest, occasionally tectiform; clavus rather short,… Continue reading Achilidae


Belongs within: Auchenorrhyncha. The Flatidae are a group of plant-sucking bugs characterised by conspicuous granules over the clavus of the fore wing (Carver et al. 1991). Characters (from Carver et al. 1991): Fore wings usually broad, triangular, steeply tectiform, opaque and brightly coloured, most commonly green; clavus with conspicuous granules. Second segment of hind tarsi… Continue reading Flatidae


Belongs within: Hemiptera.Contains: Fulgoridae, Issidae, Nogodinidae, Tropiduchidae, Meenoplidae, Dictyopharidae, Delphacidae, Achilidae, Flatidae, Derbidae, Cixiidae, Clypeata. The Auchenorrhyncha are a diverse clade of plant-feeding bugs characterised by modification of the antennal flagellum into an annulate or segmented arista. The hind legs are often modified for leaping and bear spines on the tibiae. They are divided between… Continue reading Auchenorrhyncha


Belongs within: Clypeata.Contains: Melampsalta. The Tibicinidae include often smaller cicadas in which the males lack tymbal covers on the abdomen so the tymbals are completely exposed (Carver et al. 1991). <==Tibicinidae [Tibicininae] |–PrasiiniDB93 | |–Arfaka Distant 1905DB93 | |–Jacatra Distant 1905DB93 | |–Prasia Stål 1863DB93 | `–Lembeja Distant 1892DB93 | `–L. brunneosaWEE70 `–+–Gymnotympana Stål 1861DB93… Continue reading Tibicinidae


Belongs within: Cicadellidae. The Deltocephalini are a group of leafhoppers feeding on grasses and sedges, characterised by male genitalia with a linear connective fused to the aedeagus. <==Deltocephalini |–Occiplanocephalus ravus Evans 1942FM08 |–Maiestas knightiGF13 |–Horouta Knight 1975FM08 | |–*H. inconstans Knight 1975F09 | |–H. aristarcheF09 | |–H. austrinaF09 | |–H. darwini Fletcher 2009F09 | |–H.… Continue reading Deltocephalini