Belongs within: Embiidina. The Embiidae are a group of webspinners known from Africa and Asia, characterised by males with two-segmented cerci and a more or less straight base to the tenth tergite (Ross 2007). Characters (from Ross 2007): Adult males monochromatic brown, alate or apterous, robust, body length averaging 12 mm. Cranium longer than broad,… Continue reading Embiidae

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Belongs within: Polyneoptera.Contains: Anisembiidae, Oligotomidae, Embiidae. The Embioptera, webspinners, are a group of small, retiring insects that construct silken galleries in secluded habitats. Female webspinners are wingless; mature males often have wings, but may lose them after dispersal. A seclusion of Embioptera Published 23 November 2007 A work colleague and I got into a conversation… Continue reading Embiidina