Belongs within: Plecoptera. The name Grypopterygomorpha was used by Sinitshenkova (2002) for a clade of stoneflies including the modern Antarctoperlaria and its fossil relatives. They are characterised by wings with abundant cross-veins and the presence of both thoracic and abdominal gills in nymphs. Modern Antarctoperlaria are restricted to the Southern Hemisphere but stem grypopterygomorphs were… Continue reading Grypopterygomorpha

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Belongs within: Polyneoptera.Contains: Grypopterygomorpha, Arctoperlaria. The Plecoptera, stoneflies, are a group of mostly detritivorous or omnivorous insects with nymphs that are mostly aquatic or, if terrestrial, found in damp habitats. Nymphs respire through often finger-like gills that vary between families in their location on the body. Stoneflies are first known in the fossil record from… Continue reading Plecoptera