Belongs within: Zygentoma. The Lepismatidae are a group of silverfish in which the body is covered with scales (Smith & Watson 1991). Members of the subfamily Heterolepismatinae have a collar of setae around the front of the pronotum (Mendes & Poinar 2008). All that is silver is not fish Published 28 August 2016 The insects… Continue reading Lepismatidae


Belongs within: Panhexapoda.Contains: Lepismatidae, Nicoletiidae. The Zygentoma, silverfish, are primitively wingless insects with an elongate terminal filament between the cerci and usually a covering of scales (Grimaldi & Engel 2005). Certain members of the group are familiar as inhabitants of human houses. Living members of the order, excluding the Baltic amber species Lepidothrix pilifera), form… Continue reading Zygentoma