Belongs within: Opiliones.Contains: Cladonychiidae, Metanonychus, Lomanella, Synthetonychia, Triaenonychidae. The Travunioidea are a group of Holarctic laniatorean harvestmen characterised by male genitalia in which the expansive muscles tend to be restricted to the base of the truncus, often associated with a simplification of the glans (Derkarabetian et al. 2018). <==InsidiatoresDL23 |–Travunioidea [Travunoidea]DL23 | |–Travuniidae [Travuniinae]DS18 |… Continue reading Insidiatores


Belongs within: Triaenonychidae. The adaeines: South Africa’s cryptic micro-giants Published 7 February 2017 The Triaenonychidae are the family of Gondwanan harvestmen. While there are other families of harvestmen with a Gondwanan distribution (such as my own favoured family, the Neopilionidae), none of them are nearly as widespread and diverse as the triaenonychids. Despite their diversity,… Continue reading Adaeinae