Belongs within: Phalangodidae. Texella is a genus of harvestmen found in the southern and western US, with several species found in cave habitats. Characters (from Ubick & Briggs 1992): Total body length 1.2-2.7; scute length 0.8-1.7. Body color from yellowish white to brownish orange, appendages relatively paler. Body cuticle with uniform layer of hemispherical to… Continue reading Texella


Belongs within: Phalangodidae. Sitalcina is a genus of harvestmen found in California and Arizona. Males of Sitalcina possess a large ventral spur on trochanter IV, and a penis with an entire ventral plate and folding glans (Ubick & Briggs 2008). Characters (from Ubick & Briggs 2008): Body length 1.25–2.50 mm. Body finely rugose with variable… Continue reading Sitalcina


Belongs within: Phalangodidae. Banksula is a genus of harvestmen found in the Sierra Nevada and Coast Ranges of California. The various species of the Sierra Nevada are all found in caves; the single species known from the Coast Ranges, Banksula incredula, is also the only known epigean species. Characters (from Ubick & Briggs 2002): Colour… Continue reading Banksula