Belongs within: Opiliones.Contains: Stenostygninae, Hinzuanius, Metabiantes, Biantes, Samoidae, Stygnomma. The Samooidea are a group of laniatorean harvestmen found in Africa and the Neotropics that commonly possess a scopula and a sexually dimorphic metatarsus III (Sharma & Giribet 2011). Families of the Samooidea include the Biantidae, in which the eyes are not borne on a central… Continue reading Samooidea


Belongs within: Samooidea. Metabiantes is an southern African genus of harvestmen, most species of which are only known from limited distributions. Meet Metabiantes Published 26 June 2015 The handsome fellow in the photo above represents a species of the genus Metabiantes, currently the largest recognised African genus of harvestmen in the family Biantidae. Metabiantes species… Continue reading Metabiantes