Belongs within: Triaenonychidae. Ceratomontia is a genus of harvestmen that has been described from South America and Africa. An analysis of Ceratomontia by Mendes & Kury (2008) suggested that it is paraphyletic to the African genera Monomontia and Austromontia, with the African species analysed (C. capensis, C. minor and C. tabulae) closer to the African… Continue reading Ceratomontia


Belongs within: Triaenonychoidea.Contains: Hendea, Equitius, Ceratomontia, Adaeinae, Acumontia, Nunciella, Nuncia, Triaenobuninae. The Triaenonychidae are a family of harvestmen characterised by branched hind claws and found primarily on the southern continents (South America, Australasia and Africa). Kaolinonychus and the Nippononychinae from north-eastern Asian have also been assigned to this family, but their position here is open to doubt (Mendes & Kury… Continue reading Triaenonychidae


Belongs within: Triaenonychidae. Saintly harvestmen Published 8 June 2009 The Australian harvestman genus Equitius was first named by the French arachnologist Eugene Simon in 1880. Now there was nothing particularly odd about that—for many years in the late 1800s, Simon was not so much an arachnologist as the arachnologist, achieving a reputation none of his… Continue reading Equitius