Belongs within: Zalmoxoidea. The Kimulidae are a small family of short-legged harvestmen found in northern South America. Characters (from Pérez González & Kury 2007): Dorsal scutum bell-shaped with laterals of carapace convex; opisthosomal scutum widest at groove II and slightly constricted at area III or IV (Tegipiolus without any constriction); opisthosomal scutum outline in lateral… Continue reading Kimulidae


Belongs within: Zalmoxoidea. The Escadabiidae is a small family of short-legged harvestmen that has so far only been recorded from coastal regions and inland caves of Brazil. Characters (from Kury & Pérez González 2007): Dorsal scutum 2.5–3.5 mm long. Dorsal scutum campaniform, with sides straight, hourglass-shaped in a few species. Ocularium small, with a few… Continue reading Escadabiidae