Belongs within: Mesostigmata.Contains: Celaenopsoidea, Fedrizzioidea. The Trigynaspida are a group of large mesostigmatan mites that are primarily associated with arthropods or reptiles, either as commensals or parasites. They are divided between two major lineages with the Antennophorina being generally more heavily sclerotised with fully separate tritosternal laciniae and no claws on the first legs. The… Continue reading Trigynaspida


Belongs within: Trigynaspida. The Fedrizzioidea are a group of tropical mites most commonly found in association with passalid beetles. They are divided between the Klinckowstroemiidae, with well developed latigynal and mesogynal shields and an ellipsoidal male genital aperture between coxae III, and the Fedrizziidae, in which the latigynal and mesogynal shields are reduced and hidden… Continue reading Fedrizzioidea


Belongs within: Trigynaspida. The Celaenopsoidea are a diverse group of mites associated with various arthropods and reptiles. In most families, the dorsum of the deutonymph bears separate podonotal, mesonotal and pygidial shields but the adult has a single holodorsal shield. However, the separate shields are retained to maturity in the Neotropical millipede-associated Neotenogynium malkini. Species… Continue reading Celaenopsoidea