Belongs within: Procurvata. The Pronematinae are a group of tydeoid mites in which the apotele has been lost on leg I. Genital setae are absent, genital acetabula are reduced to one or absent, and an aedeagus is present in males (André & Fain 2000). <==Pronematinae | i. s.: ParapronematusAF00 | |–P. acaciaeAF00 | |–P. citriAF00… Continue reading Pronematinae

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Belongs within: Tydeoidea.Contains: Pronematinae, Speleognathinae. The Procurvata are a group of mites united by a procurved dehiscence line across the prodorsum, divided between the families Ereynetidae and Iolinidae (André & Fain 2000). Members of the Ereynetidae have two pairs of genital papillae, a characteristic deeply recessed solenidion in a sac-like structure on the first leg… Continue reading Procurvata