Belongs within: Brachychthoniidae. Sellnickochthonius is a cosmopolitan genus of brachychthoniid mites, characterised by the presence of three pairs of suprapleural plates and adanal setae with the rear two pairs widened and blade-like (Balogh & Balogh 1992). The greater number of species in the genus have been described from the Holarctic region. A number are known… Continue reading Sellnickochthonius


Belongs within: Oribatida.Contains: Liochthonius (Liochthonius), Brachychthonius, Sellnickochthonius. Liochthonius is an cosmopolitan genus of unornamented brachychthoniid mites in which the adanal plates are fused to form a U-shaped plate surrounding the anal plate (Balogh & Balogh 1992). Brachychthoniidae [Brachychthonioidea]SC19 |–Liochthonius Hammen 1959SC19, S04 | |–L. (Liochthonius)S04 | `–L. (Afroliochthonius Mahunka 1995)S04 | `–L. (*A.) reductus Mahunka… Continue reading Brachychthoniidae


Belongs within: Brachychthoniidae. Brachychthonius is a cosmopolitan genus of brachychthoniid mites with two pairs of suprapleural plates and simple, undifferentiated adanal setae. The majority of known species are described from the Holarctic region but a small number of species are known from Africa whereas B. pacificus was described from Samoa (Subías 2004). Characters (from Balogh… Continue reading Brachychthonius