Belongs within: Holonota.Contains: Trhypochthonius. Allonothrus is a genus of tropical and subtropical oribatid mites bearing elongate setae on the posterior part of the notogaster. <==Trhypochthoniidae [Trhypochthoniellidae, Trhypochthoniinae] | i. s.: Afronothrus Wallwork 1961S04 | |–*A. incisivus Wallwork 1961S04 (see below for synonymy) | `–A. arboreus Ramani & Haq 1992S04 | Mainothrus Choi 1996 [incl. Altrhypochthonius… Continue reading Trhypochthoniidae


Belongs within: Trhypochthoniidae. Trhypochthonius is a cosmopolitan genus of mites found in peatlands, litter and moss. Characters (from Balogh & Balogh 1992): Bothridial sensillus present. Notogaster without differentiated long setae. Epimeral setal formula 3-1-3-3. Genital and anal plates of macropyline type, large, occupying entire ventral side posterior to epimeres; ten pairs of genital setae, genital… Continue reading Trhypochthonius