Belongs within: Oribatida.Contains: Palaeacaridae, Archeonothridae. The Ctenacaroidea are a group of poorly sclerotised oribatids with tridactylous leg tarsi and usually more or less expanded bothridial setae (Norton & Behan-Pelletier 2009). Palaeosomata [Astegasima, Bifemorata, Bifemoratina, Palaeacariformes, Palaecari, Palaeosomatides]PL17 |–CtenacaroideaPL17 | |–Adelphacarus Grandjean 1952S04 [AdelphacaridaeNB-P09] | | `–*A. sellnicki Grandjean 1952S04 | |–Aphelacaridae [Aphelacarinae]NB-P09 | | |–Monoaphelacarus… Continue reading Palaeosomata


Belongs within: Ctenacaroidea. The Palaeacaridae are a small group of relatively soft-bodied oribatid mites known from the Holarctic region and western Australia (Norton & Behan-Pelletier 2009). Characters (from Norton & Behan-Pelletier 2009): Naso absent. Bothridial seta filiform. Larger exobothridial seta xa situated anterior to other seta xp and usually about half length of seta in.… Continue reading Palaeacaridae