Belongs within: Erythraeinae. Erythraeus is a genus of predatory mites found in Eurasia, North America and southern Africa. They are distinguished from other Erythraeinae by the presence of palpal conalae but the absence of other derived features. There has historically been some confusion about the application of the name ‘Erythraeus‘; early authors applied this name… Continue reading Erythraeus


Belongs within: Callidosomatinae. Charletonia is a cosmopolitan genus of medium to large-sized erythraeid mites, adults of which were originally described in the genus Sphaerolophus before their synonymy with the larval Charletonia was recognised. Characters (from Southcott 1991): Larva with one eye on each side, circular. Dorsal scutum generally quite rounded or roughly pentagonal, with bases… Continue reading Charletonia