Belongs within: Amphilochidea.Contains: Urohaustoriidae, Eohaustorius, Urothoidae, Phoxocephalidae, Platyischnopidae. The Haustoroidea are a Holarctic group of marine amphipods with a short, broad, weakly rostrate head, ‘pseudorostrate’ paired peduncles on antenna 1, weakly or non-dactylate peraeopods and maxilliped, and a strongly deflexed urosome (Bousfield & Hoover 1995). Haustorioidea [Haustoriidira, Phoxocephaloidea, Pontoporeioidea]R99 |–Priscillina Stebbing 1888B69 [=Priscilla Boeck 1871… Continue reading Haustorioidea


Belongs within: Lysianassoidea.Contains: Lysianassa. The Lysianassidae are a group of marine amphipods characterised by a mitten-like terminal section on the section gnathopod (Barnard 1969). Characters (from Barnard 1969): Accessory flagellum usually present and more than 3-articulate but occasionally vestigial or few in segments; peduncle of antenna 1 short and stout, articles 2 and 3 usually… Continue reading Lysianassidae