Belongs within: Eumalacostraca.Contains: Squillidae, Gonodactyloidea, Lysiosquillidae. The Hoplocarida, including the mantis shrimps and their fossil relatives, are a group of malacostracan crustaceans bearing a small carapace and at least four free thoracic segments, together with a large abdomen ending in a tail fan. They differ from other living crustaceans in being active, rapacious hunters (Schram… Continue reading Hoplocarida


Belongs within: Hoplocarida. The Squillidae is a family of mantis shrimps whose members have spearing claws, adapted for catching soft prey (Manning 1980). Characters (from Manning 1980): Propodi of posterior three maxillipeds slender, not beaded or ribbed ventrally. Telson with distinct median carina. At most submedian teeth of telson with movable apices. Four or more… Continue reading Squillidae