Belongs within: Ecdysozoa.Contains: Parachela, Arthrotardigrada. My first tardigrades Published 16 April 2008 Well, the lab course I’ve been tutoring reached the point yesterday that I’d been waiting for ever since I found out I’d be tutoring it—I’ve now seen my first tardigrades! I’ve covered the generalities of tardigrades elsewhere, but as I’ve noted before, there… Continue reading Tardigrada


Belongs within: Tardigrada.Contains: Styraconyxinae. The Arthrotardigrada are a primarily marine group of tardigrades with a median cephalic cirrus, three pairs of lateral cephalic cirri and two or three pairs of clavae (Kristensen & Higgins 1984). The ways of water bears Published 6 August 2007 Tardigrades are microscopic invertebrates commonly referred to as ‘water bears’. I… Continue reading Arthrotardigrada