Belongs within: Entoprocta. Loxosoma is a genus of solitary species within the Entoprocta. It can be distinguished from related genera by the presence of both straight and oblique muscles in the foot (which is a sucking disc), and the absence of a foot-gland in either adults or buds (Hammer 1915). <==Loxosoma Keferstein 1862H15 |–*L. singulareH15… Continue reading Loxosoma

Categorised as Entoprocta


Belongs within: Eumetazoa.Contains: Loxosoma. Tiny flowers of the sea Published 19 March 2008 The greatest feeling in biology is undoubtedly that which comes with seeing a particular organism for the first time. You can read on it, study specimens of it, think you know it inside out—and then you actually see one, and suddenly you… Continue reading Entoprocta