Belongs within: Eumetazoa.Contains: Paucitubulatina, Dactylopodolidae, Turbanellidae, Macrodasyidae, Thaumastodermatidae. Gastrotrichs and their tacky little tubes Published 10 April 2021 When I was a student, I was taught that known animal diversity could be divided between somewhere in the region of a couple of dozen ‘phyla’. These were the fundamental units of animal classification, the basic archetypes… Continue reading Gastrotricha


Belongs within: Gastrotricha. I can’t think of a clever title involving gastrotrichs Published 27 August 2007 In this section, we dive underwater and scrabble in the mud in search of the gatrotrich family Dactylopodolidae. Just kind of rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? Gastrotrichs are minute (usually less than 1 mm) aquatic ‘worms’ that are… Continue reading Dactylopodolidae