Belongs within: Pholadomyoida. The Pandoroidea are a group of sedentary or burrowing bivalves with a thin, inequivalve, somewhat elongate or gaping shell. Pandoroidea [Pandoracea]GW02 |–Cleidothaerus Stutchbury 1830P61 [CleidothaeridaeBRW98] | |–C. albidus (Lamarck 1819)SB93, F26 (see below for synonymy) | `–C. pliciferus (Odhner 1917)WBS-S15 |–LyonsiidaeGW02 | |–OstomyaG88 | |–Mytilimeria nuttalliJB12, C64 | |–Guianadesma Morrison 1943G88 |… Continue reading Pandoroidea


Belongs within: Pholadomyoida. The Verticordiidae are a cosmopolitan group of small, usually deep-water bivalves with a heart-shaped to subquate shell with strongly incurved beaks. Verticordiidae [Verticordioidea] |–Lyonsiellinae [Lyonsiellidae]BRW98 | |–ThracidoraBRW98 | | |–T. arenosaBRW98 | | `–T. flindersiBRW98 | `–LyonsiellaBRW98 | | i. s.: L. abyssicolaBRW98 | | L. formosa (Jeffreys 1881)MG-H11 | | L.… Continue reading Verticordiidae


Belongs within: Pholadomyoida. The Cuspidariidae are a group of carnivorous bivalves with an ovate, more or less posteriorly rostrate shell. Cuspidariidae [Cuspidarioidea] |–MyoneraMG-H11 |–RhinoclamaBRW98 |–LuzoniaBRW98 |–TropidomyaBRW98 |–LeiomyaBRW98 |–VulcanomyaBRW98 |–HalonymphaBRW98 |–Protocuspidaria Allen & Morgan 1981BRW98 |–Plectodon Carpenter 1864BRW98, C64 | `–*P. scaber Carpenter 1864C64 |–PseudoneaeraMG-H11 | |–P. trigonalis Tate 1897MG-H11 | `–P. wellmani [=Cuspidaria (Pseudoneaera) wellmani]PG98… Continue reading Cuspidariidae


Belongs within: Pholadomyoida. The Thraciidae are a group of usually deep water bivalves with a tightly closing shell found buried in mud or silt. ThraciidaeP61 |–Phragmorisma watsoniBRW98 |–BushiaBRW98 |–LampeiaBRW98 |–Thraciopsis angustata Angas 1867TW07 |–Parvithracia Finlay 1927P61 | |–*P. suteri Finlay 1927P61 [=Montacuta triquetra Suter 1913 non Verrill & Bush 1898F27b, *P. triquetraP61] | `–P. cuneata… Continue reading Thraciidae


Belongs within: Pholadomyoida. Myonia is a genus of burrowing bivalves known from the Upper Carboniferous to the Permian. MegadesmidaeJB12 |–Unklesbayella geinitzi (Meek 1867)SB93 |–MegadesmusJB12 | |–M. globosus Sowerby in Mitchell 1838F71 | `–M. nobilissimus [=Edmondia nobilissima]F71 |–PyramusJB12 | |–P. barringtonensisBRW98 | |–P. ellipticus Dana 1849 [=Maeonia (Pyramia) elliptica]F71 | |–P. laevis (Sowerby in Mitchell 1838)… Continue reading Megadesmidae


Belongs within: Pholadomyoida. Myadora is a genus of free-living bivalves with unequal valves, one flattened and one convex, found from the Miocene to the present day of Australasia and the west Pacific. The valves have a flattened cardinal area on either side of the beaks. Members of the genus live buried in sand with the… Continue reading Myadora


Belongs within: Bivalvia.Contains: Pholadomyoida. The Anomalodesmata are a clade of bivalves characterised by a reduced hinge dentition. Despite not being among the most speciose groups of bivalves, anomalodesmatans encompass a surprising amount of ecological and morphological diversity, including (among others) endolithic rock-borers, some of which form rather un-bivalve-like tubes, and active predators. Stem representatives of… Continue reading Anomalodesmata