Belongs within: Opponobranchia. Solemya, the razor clams, is a cosmopolitan genus of infaunal bivalves with an elongate ovate to subrectangular shell bearing a well-developed periostracum that extends past the calcareous margin. Solemya Lamarck 1818AJH07 |–S. (*Solemyarina) velesiana Iredale 1931BRW98, M12 `–S. (Zesolemya Iredale 1939)P61 `–S. (*Z.) parkinsoni Smith 1874P61Solemya incertae sedis: S. atacama [=Petrasma atacama]BRW98… Continue reading Solemya


Belongs within: Bivalvia.Contains: Nuculidae, Solemya. The Solemyoida: a taste for sulphur Published 4 June 2019 The small bivalves that make up the Solemyoida were long a mystery, ecology-wise. Though they have a long history, potentially going back as far as the Ordovician (Cope 2000), they are not known to have ever been diverse, and only… Continue reading Opponobranchia


Belongs within: Opponobranchia. The Nuculidae are a family of small infaunal bivalves that first appeared in the Ordovician. They possess nacreous shells with an opisthogyrate beak, resilifer and internal ligament. Members of the type genus Nucula typically possess a polished periostracum. The genus Acila is characterised by divaricate sculpture. The Australasian Pronucula has an arched… Continue reading Nuculidae