Belongs within: Agoniatitina.Contains: Medlicottiidae. The Medlicottioidea were a group of ammonoids that originated in the Lower Carboniferous and survived to the end of the Permian, with a single genus Episageceras crossing the Permian-Triassic boundary (McGowan & Smith 2007). The medlicottioids are characterised by the development of bidentition in the sutural lobes (Korn 2003). The trifid… Continue reading Medlicottioidea


Belongs within: Goniatitina. Goniatites was a mid-Visean (Early Carboniferous) genus of ammonoid, the type of the Goniatitida. Like other goniatitids, Goniatites had an angular ‘zig-zag’ suture morphology. Members of this genus have been identified as index fossils in Europe and North America (Ross 1979). Characters (from Korn et al. 2005): Moderately large, thickly discoidal to… Continue reading Goniatites


Belongs within: Stephanocerataceae. Ammonites of the Arctic Published 11 August 2010 Ammonites are one of the classic animal groups of the Mesozoic. These coil-shelled cephalopods are guaranteed a mention in almost every popular book alluding to that time period. But what is often glossed over in popular accounts is that ammonites were an extremely speciose… Continue reading Arctocephalitinae