Belongs within: Cyclophoroidea. The Liareinae are a New Zealand group of small operculate land snails with a high-spired or trochiform shell. <==Liareinae [Liareidae]BR05 |–Realia Gray 1850BR17 [=Liarea Pfeiffer 1853BR05; Realiana, Realieae, Realiidae, Realiinae] | |–*R. egea Gray 1850BR17 [=*Liarea egeaP61] | | |–L. e. egeaP61 | | `–‘Liarea’ e. tessellata Powell 1954P61 | |–‘Liarea’ aupouria… Continue reading Liareinae


Belongs within: Cyclophoroidea. The Neocyclotinae are a group of cyclophoroid snails found in the Neotropical region, characterised by males having the penis located mid-dorsally on the head whereas females have the the oviduct, seminal receptacle, and bursa copulatrix all entering the uterus via a common genital duct (Girardi 1978). <==Neocyclotinae [Poteriidae]BR05 |–Gassiesia Clench 1949G78 |–Dublonia… Continue reading Neocyclotinae


Belongs within: Cyclophoroidea. Signepupina is a genus of small operculate snails with a smooth, glossy shell found in northeastern Australia (Stanisic et al. 2010). Characters (from Stanisic et al. 2010): Shell very small to small in size (up to 12 mm in height); highly polished and glassy, generally pupiform in shape but turbinate as juveniles;… Continue reading Signepupina


Belongs within: Gastropoda.Contains: Farcimen, Megalostomatinae, Neocyclotinae, Cyclophorinae, Signepupina, Liareinae, Pupinellinae. The Cyclophoroidea are a group of terrestrial operculate snails. Members include the Diplommatinidae, a groupfound in southeast Asia and Australasia with minute shells (less than five millimetres in height) bearing a sculpture of fine to coarse axial ribs and fine spiral ribs. The Pupinidae are… Continue reading Cyclophoroidea