Belongs within: Pylopulmonata.Contains: Syrnola, Pyramidella, Strioturbonilla, Turbonilla, Chemnitzia, Eulimella, Menestho, Chrysallida, Odostomia, Evalea. The Pyramidellidae are a group of mostly minute marine snails with a heterostrophic protoconch and no anterior canal on the shell aperture. Members of the family lack a radula and live as ectoparasites of other invertebrates such as other molluscs or polychaetes.… Continue reading Pyramidellidae


Belongs within: Pyramidellidae. Strioturbonilla is a genus of pyramidellid snails with a many-whorled shell bearing an ornament of well-developed axial ribs and very fine spiral striations, and a subquadrate aperture. <==Strioturbonilla Sacco 1892BC01 |–*S. sigmoideaP61 |–S. aresta (Dall & Bartsch 1909) [=Turbonilla (Strioturbonilla) aresta]O27 |–S. asser (Dall & Bartsch 1909) [=Turbonilla (Strioturbonilla) asser]O27 |–S. attrita… Continue reading Strioturbonilla


Belongs within: Pyramidellidae. Turbonilla is a cosmopolitan genus of pyramidellid snails with a many-whorled, cylindro-conic shell (Oldroyd 1927). Characters (from Oldroyd 1927): Shell cylindro-conic, many-whorled, generally slender; apex sinistral; columella with a single fold that varies in strength and is often not visible in aperture; sculpture, both axial and spiral, varying from obsolete to strongly… Continue reading Turbonilla


Belongs within: Pyramidellidae. Chemnitzia is a genus of pyramidellid snails with prominent axial ribs but no spiral sculpturing. <==Chemnitzia d’Orbigny 1840BR17 |–*C. campanellae (Philippi 1836) [=Melania campanellae]BR17 |–C. acer Laws 1937P61 |–C. aculeusC64 |–C. acuminataC64 |–C. adamsiC64 |–C. aepynota (Dall & Bartsch 1909) [=Turbonilla (Chemnitzia) aepynota]O27 |–C. aoteana Powell 1930P61 |–C. aurantiaC64 |–C. barrierensis Laws… Continue reading Chemnitzia


Belongs within: Pyramidellidae. Eulimella is a genus of pyramidellid snails with a smooth, turriculate shell and no columellar fold or tooth. <==Eulimella Forbes & M’Andrew 1846 [Eulimellinae, Eulimellini]BR05 |–*E. macandrei (Forbes 1844) [=Eulima macandrei]BR17 |–E. acerrima Watson 1886H09 |–E. aciculaN79 |–E. acusangusta Peñas & Rolán 1997BC01 |–E. angeli Peñas & Rolán 1997BC01 |–E. angusta Watson… Continue reading Eulimella


Belongs within: Pyramidellidae. Evalea is an Indo-Pacific genus of pyramidellid snails characterised by shells with a strong spiral sculpture and a columellar tooth. The sandflies of the sea Though spectacularly diverse, the tinier molluscs of the world tend to escape taxonomic scrutiny owing to the challenge of working with them. Perhaps this is never more… Continue reading Evalea


Belongs within: Pyramidellidae. Odostomia is a cosmopolitan genus of pyramidellid snails with a few-whorled, subconic or ovate shell (Oldroyd 1927). Characters (from Oldroyd 1927): Shell usually short, few-whorled, subconic or ovate; apex sinistral; columella with single fold that varies in strength and may not be apparent at aperture; sculpture varying from smooth to lamellar axial… Continue reading Odostomia