Belongs within: Rhytidoidea. Paryphanta is a New Zealand genus of large snails with a widely umbilicate shell, dark olive green or spirally or radially patterned, with a protoconch of two whorls. <==Paryphanta Albers 1850 [Paryphantinae]BR05 | i. s.: P. atramentaria [=Helix atramentaria]L79 | P. compactaK64 | P. edwardiC01 |–*P. (Paryphanta) bushyi (Gray 1840)BR17 [=Helix bushyiBR17,… Continue reading Paryphanta


Belongs within: Rhytidoidea. Rhytida is a New Zealand genus of moderately large snails with a light brown or olive green, often wrinkled-appearing shell bearing a protoconch of 1.5 whorls. <==Rhytida Martens 1860BR17 | i. s.: R. ferrezianaK64 | R. inaequalisK64 |–R. (Rhytida)P61 | |–*R. (R.) greenwoodii (Gray 1850) [=Helix greenwoodii]BR17 | | |–R. g. greenwoodiP61… Continue reading Rhytida


Belongs within: Heterobranchia.Contains: Pedinogyra, Rhytida, Paryphanta. The Rhytidoidea are a group of snails united by molecular phylogenetic analysis, many of which are carnivorous. Members of the clade vary from small to gigantic in size with the giant panda snail Hedleyella falconeri of eastern Australia growing up to 90 mm in diameter. The Rhytididae of southern… Continue reading Rhytidoidea