Crepidula (Crepidula)

Belongs within: Crepidula. The type subgenus of the genus Crepidula comprises slipper limpets with a posterior, oblique apex and the interior shelf covering half of the apertural opening. <==Crepidula Lamarck 1799 (Crepidula)O27, HP04 |–+–*C. (C.) fornicata (Linnaeus 1758)O27, S11 [=Patella fornicataF27, *Crypta fornicataF27] | | |–C. f. fornicataBC01 | | `–C. f. cruzana Usticke 1959BC01… Continue reading Crepidula (Crepidula)


Belongs within: Calyptraeidae.Contains: Crepidula (Crepidula). Slippers on the coast Published 5 August 2019 The ‘limpet’ form is something that has evolved numerous times among gastropods, as various lineages of marine snail converted to a more or less unwhorled shell and low profile. In many cases, the evolution of the limpet form is also associated with… Continue reading Crepidula


Belongs within: Hypsogastropoda.Contains: Crepidula. The Calyptraeidae, slipper limpets, are a family of limpet-like marine gastropods whose vernacular name refers to a septum partially closing the opening of the shell. Muscle scars (if present) are large and not horseshoe-shaped, and located just before the septum. The animal possesses well-developed eyes at the base of stubby tentacles.… Continue reading Calyptraeidae