Belongs within: Cypraeinae. Cypraea is a genus of cowries that has historically been used to encompass most if not all of the species of the family Cypraeidae, though modern authors would restrict it to species related to the type C. tigris. Characters (from Wilson 1993, as Cypraea subgenus Cypraea): Large, ovate to pyriform, with rounded… Continue reading Cypraea


Belongs within: Hypsogastropoda.Contains: Triviidae, Ovulidae, Cypraeidae, Erato. The Cypraeoidea are a group of marine molluscs with a more or less involute shell, the older (inner) whorls being concealed by the youngest (outer). In life, the shell is mostly covered by lateral extensions of the mantle. As a result, the shells of cypraeoids are typically highly… Continue reading Cypraeoidea


Belongs within: Cypraeoidea.Contains: Erosariini, Zoila, Cypraeinae, Luriinae, Pustulariinae. The Cypraeidae, cowries, are a cosmopolitan group of marine gastropods characterised by highly polished, involute shells with the aperture running almost the full length of the shell and borded in adults by raised transverse ridges or teeth. In life, the bilobed mantle extends on both sides of… Continue reading Cypraeidae


Belongs within: Cypraeidae. Moles, tortoises, calves and cowries Published 28 September 2019 The cowries of the family Cypraeidae are one of the most readily recognisable groups of tropical and subtropical shells. Their distinctive shape (with no spire and a long narrow aperture running the length of the shell) and highly polished appearance are guaranteed to… Continue reading Luriinae


Belongs within: Cypraeidae. Zoila is a genus of medium- to large-sized cowries currently restricted to coasts of Australia, though fossils indicate a wider distribution in the western Pacific in the past. Members of this genus are direct developers, without a planktonic larval stage (Meyer 2003). <==Zoila Jousseaume 1884 [Zoilinae]BR05 | i. s.: *Z. scottii (Broderip… Continue reading Zoila


Belongs within: Cypraeoidea.Contains: Primovula, Phenacovolva, Ovula. The Ovulidae, egg and spindle cowries, are a group of marine gastropods with usually brightly coloured and patterned mantles that live and feed on the polyps of cnidarians (Wilson & Gillett 1971). Ovulids generally differ from the true cowries of the Cypraeidae in lacking regular teeth on the inner… Continue reading Ovulidae


Belongs within: Cypraeoidea. The Triviidae are a group of small marine gastropods with globular shells similar to those of cowries, but with the apertural teeth continued over the sides and top (Wilson & Gillett 1971). As in cowries, the shell is covered in life by flaps of the mantle, leaving the shell with a glossy… Continue reading Triviidae