Hey, Abbottella! Published 16 August 2023 Among the world’s many biogeographical curiosities, particular note should be made of the island of Hispaniola. The islands of the West Indies began forming, probably during the early Cenozoic, as the Caribbean tectonic plate was squeezed between the approaching North American and South American plates (Hedges 1996). They have… Continue reading Littorinoidea


Belongs within: Truncatelloidea. The Hydrobiinae are a group of minute snails that are mostly found in brackish or marginal marine environments around the North Atlantic. The Hydrobiinae: North Atlantic mud-snails Published 1 January 2014 The fine-looking animal above (photographed by Roy Anderson) is Hydrobia acuta neglecta, a member of the subfamily Hydrobiinae of the family… Continue reading Hydrobiinae


Belongs within: Rissooidea. Cingula is a genus of minute marine gastropods with a conical shell found in the North Pacific and North Atlantic (Oldroyd 1927). Characters (from Oldroyd 1927): Shell minute, white or horny; conical, pointed, many-whorled; smooth or cancellated; aperture rounded; peristome entire, continuous; outer lip slightly expanded and thickened; operculum sub-spiral. <==Cingula Fleming… Continue reading Cingula


Belongs within: Rissooidea. Estea is a New Zealand genus of rissooid gastropods with a solid shell bearing an almost circular aperture and thin peristome (Powell 1927). Characters (from Powell 1927): Shell solid, opaque; aperture almost circular with a thin peristome, reflexed all round and joined to parietal wall only for a short space. Adult whorls… Continue reading Estea


Belongs within: Rissooidea. Notosetia is a New Zealand genus of rissooid gastropods with a smooth, shining shell. <==Notosetia Iredale 1915P61 |–*N. neozelanica (Suter 1898) [=Barleeia neozelanica]P61 |–N. antipoda Powell 1955P61 |–N. aoteana Powell 1937P61 |–N. atomaria Powell 1933P61 |–N. aupouria Powell 1937P61 |–N. benthicola Powell 1927P61 |–N. crassilabrum Powell 1940P61 |–N. dilatata Powell 1955P61 |–N.… Continue reading Notosetia


Belongs within: Rissooidea. Subonoba is a New Zealand genus of rissooid gastropods with a thin shell ornamented with spiral cords but no axial ornament, and with a continuous, usually thin peristome. <==Subonoba Iredale 1915P61 |–*S. fumata (Suter 1898) [=Rissoa fumata]P61 |–S. alpha Powell 1955P61 |–S. aupouria Powell 1940P61 |–S. beta Powell 1955P61 |–S. delicatula Powell… Continue reading Subonoba

Anabathron (Scrobs)

Belongs within: Truncatelloidea. The subgenus Scrobs of the genus Anabathron is an Australasian group of small gastropods with a solid, ovate shell with the aperture separated from the body whorl by a deep cleft and an internally duplicated peristome. <==Anabathron (Scrobs Watson 1886)TTE93, P61 [incl. Nannoscrobs Finlay 1927F27] |–‘*Scrobs’ jacksoni (Brazier 1895)P61, H09 [=Rissoa jacksoniP61,… Continue reading Anabathron (Scrobs)

Eatoniella (Dardanula)

Belongs within: Cingulopsoidea. The subgenus Dardanula of the genus Eatoniella is characterised by an opaque shell together with a solid operculum with weak or no spiral sculpture. <==Eatoniella (Dardanula Iredale 1915)TTE93, P61 |–‘Dardanula’ fuscozonaF27 |–‘Dardanula’ roseocincta (Suter 1908)F27, P61 [=Rissoa roseocinctaF27] |–‘Dardanula’ roseola Iredale 1915F27, P61 [=Rissoa roseolaF27; incl. R. roseaF27] | |–D. r. roseolaP61… Continue reading Eatoniella (Dardanula)


Belongs within: Rissooidea. Linemera is an Australasian genus of rissooid gastropods with a smooth protoconch, clathrate teleoconch, and continous, thin peristome with a subsutural sinus. <==Linemera Finlay 1924P61 |–L. gradata (Hutton 1885)F27b (see below for synonymy) |–L. abrupta Dell 1956P61 |–L. bountyensis (Dell 1950) [=Haurakia bountyensis]P61 |–L. exserta (Suter 1908)P61 |–L. gallinacea Finlay 1930P61 |–L.… Continue reading Linemera


Belongs within: Rissooidea. Nobolira is an Australasian genus of rissooid gastropods with a spirally lirate protoconch, spiral keels on the teleoconch, and a continuous, variced peristome with a subsutural sinus. <==Nobolira Finlay 1927P61 |–*N. polyvincta [=Lironoba polyvincta]P61 |–N. affinis Powell 1940P61 |–N. bollonsi Powell 1930P61 |–N. cochlearella Powell 1937P61 |–N. contigua Powell 1940P61 |–N. finlayi… Continue reading Nobolira