Belongs within: Cancellariidae. Trigonostoma is a genus of small to medium-sized nutmeg snails with turreted whorls that are strongly constricted basally. Trigonostoma Blainville 1825BR17 (see below for synonymy) |–T. scalare (Gmelin 1791) (see below for synonymy)PH90 |–‘Trigonaphera’ amakusana Petit 1974PH90 |–T. amasia (Iredale 1930)W94 [=*Cancellaphera amasiaPH90] |–T. ampullaceum (Brocchi 1814) (see below for synonymy)PH90 |–T.… Continue reading Trigonostoma


Belongs within: Cancellariidae. Cancellaria is a genus of relatively large, heavy nutmeg snails with an ovate shell bearing strong columellar plaits. Narona decaptyx: a fossil vampire Published 23 March 2018 Narona decaptyx was described by Brown & Pilsbry (1911) from a single small, fusiform fossil shell, 11 mm in length, from the Gatun Formation of… Continue reading Cancellaria


Belongs within: Cancellariidae. Sveltia is a genus of nutmeg snails known from tropical and temperate regions of the Atlantic and eastern Pacific. Characters (from Petit & Harasewych 2011): Shell biconical with moderately high spire and widely spaced axial ribs with an open spine at the shoulder; aperture broad; peristome flared; narrow pseudoumbilicus present. Sveltia Jousseaume… Continue reading Sveltia