Belongs within: Conoidea.Contains: Marshallena, Aoteadrillia, Austrodrillia, Inodrillia, Mauidrillia, Anacithara (Anacithara). The Horaiclavidae are a group of conoid gastropods generally bearing small, stout shells with a short siphonal canal (Bouchet et al. 2011). Paradrillia Published 26 August 2013 Paradrillia is a genus of conoid gastropods found in the Indo-Pacific region, with a fossil record going back… Continue reading Horaiclavidae


Belongs within: Horaiclavidae. Marshallena is a genus of moderate- to large-sized conoids known from deep waters of the Indo-west Pacific (Powell 1966). Characters (from Powell 1966): Shell of moderate to large size, 14–78 mm, fusiform-biconic, with medially angulate to subangulate turreted whorls, sculptured with closely spaced regular, narrowly crested axial folds, crossed by dense spiral… Continue reading Marshallena