Belongs within: Pseudomelatomidae. Pseudomelatoma‘s mysterious teeth Published 27 December 2023 In many older texts, you will find members of the gastropod superfamily Conoidea referred to as the ‘Toxoglossa’. This name, meaning ‘poison tongue’, was inspired by the modification of their radula to deliver a powerful hit of venom to knock out prey. In its most… Continue reading Pseudomelatoma

Crassispira (Crassispira)

Belongs within: Pseudomelatomidae. Crassispira woodringi Published 22 January 2023 Crassispira is one of those conoid genera that has tended to draw species into it, impelled by the force of its taxonomic gravity. As noted by Powell (1966), various authors have tended to award it any conoid species exhibiting a strong subsutural fold. Among modern species,… Continue reading Crassispira (Crassispira)


Belongs within: Conoidea.Contains: Antiplanes, Epideira, Megasurcula, Austrotoma, Compsodrillia, Lioglyphostoma, Comitas, Knefastia, Pseudomelatoma, Carinodrillia, Inquisitor, Crassispira (Crassispira). The Pseudomelatomidae are a diverse group of conoid gastropods, usually with well developed spiral and axial sculpture (Bouchet et al. 2011). Members include the genus Leucosyrinx, found in deep ocean basins and characterised by lightly built shells with a… Continue reading Pseudomelatomidae


Belongs within: Pseudomelatomidae. Carinodrillia is a genus of moderate-sized conoid gastropods known from the southwest coast of North America, as well as the Miocene of the Caribbean (Powell 1966). Characters (from Powell 1966): Shell of moderate size, 14–35 mm, fusiform, with a tall spire of rather sagged turreted whorls, and a short body—whorl, rather quickly… Continue reading Carinodrillia


Belongs within: Pseudomelatomidae. Comitas is a genus of relatively large, tall-spired conoids with a sculpture of long fold-like axials and a leaf-shaped operculum (Powell 1966). Toxic sea snails Published 16 October 2007 The Turridae are a family of predatory gastropods, mostly fairly small though Comitas is one of the larger members, reaching up to 95… Continue reading Comitas


Belongs within: Pseudomelatomidae. Antiplanes is a genus of conoid gastropods found in moderate to deep waters of the North Pacific (Powell 1966). A whole new twist on things or just shifting back and forth? Published 12 May 2008 Rectiplanes Bartsch, 1944 was recognised by Powell (1966) as a separate subgenus of Antiplanes Dall, 1902, a… Continue reading Antiplanes