Belongs within: Neogastropoda.Contains: Speightiidae, Cryptoconidae, Drilliidae, Pseudomelatomidae, Clavatulidae, Horaiclavidae, Lucerapex, Terebridae, Turridae, Cochlespiridae, Conidae, Clathurellidae, Conorbidae, Borsoniidae, Mangeliidae, Raphitomidae, Mitromorphidae. The Conoidea are a diverse clade of predatory marine gastropods, many of which have the radula modified for the delivery of venom (hence the alternative name sometimes used for the group of Toxoglossa). With the… Continue reading Conoidea

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Belongs within: Neogastropoda.Contains: Fulgorariinae, Athletinae, Voluta, Lyriini, Scaphella, Amoria, Alcithoe, Odontocymbiolini, Unitas, Zeadmete, Oamaruia, Inglisella, Bonellitia, Merica, Sveltella, Tritonoharpa, Turehua, Plesiotriton, Admete, Paladmete, Sveltia, Cancellaria, Trigonostoma. The Volutoidea are a clade of neogastropods supported by molecular data uniting the families Volutidae and Cancellariidae. The Cancellariidae, nutmeg snails, are a group of marine gastropods adapted for… Continue reading Volutoidea

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Belongs within: Drilliidae. Cymatosyrinx is a genus of moderate-sized conoids with a high-spired, glossy shell found in the American tropics (Powell 1966). Characters (from Powell 1966): Shell of moderate size, 10–45 mm, typically solid, with a tall spire and a truncated body-whorl, terminating in a short, twisted, very deeply notched anterior canal. Protoconch papillate of… Continue reading Cymatosyrinx

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Belongs within: Conoidea.Contains: Tylotiella, Fenimorea, Austroclavus, Elaeocyma, Cymatosyrinx, Syntomodrillia, Fusiturricula, Iredalea, Clavus, Cerodrillia, Splendrillia (Splendrillia), Agladrillia, Clathrodrillia, Drillia (Drillia). The Drilliidae are a group of slender-shelled predatory gastropods, with a fossil record extending to the Upper Cretaceous (Powell 1966). Most retain a radula with well-developed lateral teeth (Bouchet et al. 2011), probably for active processing of… Continue reading Drilliidae

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Belongs within: Conoidea.Contains: Antiplanes, Epideira, Megasurcula, Austrotoma, Compsodrillia, Lioglyphostoma, Comitas, Knefastia, Pseudomelatoma, Carinodrillia, Inquisitor, Crassispira (Crassispira). The Pseudomelatomidae are a diverse group of conoid gastropods, usually with well developed spiral and axial sculpture (Bouchet et al. 2011). Members include the genus Leucosyrinx, found in deep ocean basins and characterised by lightly built shells with a… Continue reading Pseudomelatomidae


Belongs within: Drilliidae. Cerodrillia is a genus of small conoids found in warmer, shallow waters on the eastern coast of North America (Powell 1966). Characters (from Powell 1966): Shell small, 11–13 mm, elongate-fusiform, with a tall spire of medially weakly angulated whorls, and an ovate body-whorl, slowly tapered to a very short, broadly channelled but… Continue reading Cerodrillia

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Belongs within: Conoidea.Contains: Coronia, Cryptogemma, Pleuroliria, Eopleurotoma (Eopleurotoma), Amuletum, Polystira, Turridrupa, Turris, Lophiotoma, Gemmula (Gemmula). The Turridae are a group of marine gastropods previously recognised as including all non-conid and non-terebrid conoids but now restricted to a monophyletic group with a usually narrowly fusiform shell bearing obsolete axial sculpture and a peripheral anal sinus (Bouchet et al.… Continue reading Turridae


Belongs within: Conoidea.Contains: Marshallena, Aoteadrillia, Austrodrillia, Inodrillia, Mauidrillia, Anacithara (Anacithara). The Horaiclavidae are a group of conoid gastropods generally bearing small, stout shells with a short siphonal canal (Bouchet et al. 2011). Paradrillia Published 26 August 2013 Paradrillia is a genus of conoid gastropods found in the Indo-Pacific region, with a fossil record going back… Continue reading Horaiclavidae


Belongs within: Turridae. Turris is a genus of high-spired conoids found in shallow waters of the Indo-West Pacific (Kilburn et al. 2012). Characters (from Kilburn et al. 2012): Shell medium to large (adult length 40–185 mm), fusiform with high spire and long, unnotched siphonal canal; anal sinus a deep slot situated on a ridge immediately… Continue reading Turris

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Belongs within: Conoidea. The Cochlespiridae are a group of moderate-sized to large conoids with high-spired shells. Members include the elongate-fusiform genus Aforia with a primarily bipolar distribution, being found in the North Pacific and circumpolar in the Southern Hemisphere. Members of the genus Cochlespira have pagodiform shells with a peripheral shoulder carina bearing serrated nodes… Continue reading Cochlespiridae