Belongs within: Neritidae. Nerita, the nerites, is a cosmopolitan genus of marine snails with an ovate to hemispherical solid shell bearing spiral ribs (Bandel 2001). Shells of the type subgenus have a thickened outer lip thickened bearing two teeth and a flattened labial area with two large teeth at the margin (Knight et al. 1960).… Continue reading Nerita


Belongs within: Neritoidea.Contains: Nerita. The Neritidae are marine gastropods characterised by a shell with dissolved inner whorls and radula with large, smooth, mineralised lateral teeth with a cutting and scraping edge (Bandel 2001). Neritidae [Neritae, Neritinia] |–Velates Montfort 1810 [Velatinae]BR05 | |–V. schmiedelianus Chemnitz 1886B01 (see below for synonymy) | |–V. balkanicus Bontscheff 1897B01 |… Continue reading Neritidae


Belongs within: Neritoidea. The Hydrocenidae are a group of small operculate terrestrial snails with a scattered distribution in warmer regions of Eurasia, Africa and Australasia. Members include the genus Georissa, found in northern and eastern Australia and the southwest Pacific, usually on isolated limestone outgroups, with shells ornamented with variously fine to bold spiral cords… Continue reading Hydrocenidae


Belongs within: Helicinoidea. The Helicininae are a group of operculate terrestrial snails in which the radula possesses five lateral teeth, including a comb-lateral and an accessory plate (Knight et al. 1960). <==HelicininaeBR05 |–Bourciera Pfeiffer 1852BR05 [incl. Pseudhelicina Sykes 1907KC60; Bourcierinae] | `–*B. helicinaeformis (Pfeiffer 1852) [=Cyclostoma helicinaeforme]BR17 |–Ceratopoma Moellendorff 1893KC60, S88 [incl. Diversicolor Wagner 1905KC60,… Continue reading Helicininae


Belongs within: Neritimorpha.Contains: Stoastomatinae, Helicininae, Ceratodiscinae. Helicinoidea is a clade recognised by molecular analysis containing the terrestrial Helicinidae and the Neritiliidae, found in fresh water and marine caves. No definite morphological synapomorphies have been identified, though both families have the vaginal and ootype openings widely separated, and the vaginal opening situated deep inside the pallial… Continue reading Helicinoidea


Belongs within: Gastropoda.Contains: Craspedostomatoidea, Oriostomatoidea, Paraturbinoidea, Vltaviellidae, Platyceratidae, Naticopsoidea, Helicinoidea, Neritoidea, Neritopsidae. The Neritimorpha is a somewhat phylogenetically isolated group of gastropods, including marine, freshwater and terrestrial forms. Modern neritimorphs belong to the Cycloneritimorpha; it remains uncertain whether the Palaeozoic Cyrtoneritimorpha are properly placed here. The Cycloneritimorpha are characterised by a strongly convolute protoconch, while… Continue reading Neritimorpha