Belongs within: Patellogastropoda. Patella is a genus of limpets found in the northeastern Atlantic (Nakano & Ozawa 2004). Representatives have a solid shell with a subcentral apex that may be marked by strong radial ribs (Knight et al. 1960). Limpets of the Northeast Atlantic Published 10 December 2012 When Linnaeus published the tenth edition of… Continue reading Patella


Belongs within: Patellogastropoda. Cellana is a tropical Indo-Pacific genus of limpets with a solid, strongly ribbed shell (Knight et al. 1960). Characters (from Knight et al. 1960): Shell fairly solid, apex subcentral; radial ribs strong; interior brilliantly glazed. <==Cellana Adams 1869P61 [incl. Bertinia Jousseaume 1883BR05, Helcioniscus Dall 1871KC60; Bertinidae, Bertiniidae] |–C. capensis (Gmelin 1791)NO04 `–+–+–C.… Continue reading Cellana


Belongs within: Lottiidae. Patelloida is an Indo-Pacific genus of limpets bearing a radially ribbed shell with strong colour markings (Knight et al. 1960). Patelloida Quoy & Gaimard 1834 (see below for synonymy)W93 |–+–P. pygmaea (Dunker 1860)NO04 | | |–P. p. pygmaeaNO04 | | `–P. p. conulus (Dunker 1861)NO04 | `–P. striata (Quoy & Gaimard 1834)NO04… Continue reading Patelloida


Belongs within: Gastropoda.Contains: Patella, Scutellastra, Acmaeidae, Lepetidae, Lottiidae, Cellana. The Patellogastropoda, true limpets, are a group of marine gastropods with cap-like shells bearing a horseshoe-shaped muscle attachment, and a docoglossate radula with few claw-like teeth in each row. Though generally believed to occupy a basal position in gastropod phylogeny, patellogastropods have a poor fossil record,… Continue reading Patellogastropoda


Belongs within: Patellogastropoda. The Acmaeidae are a group of conical limpets found in the North Pacific. Living members of the family have a radula with three pairs of uniform lateral teeth (Nakano & Ozawa 2004). The type species of the family, Acmaea mitra, has a white, nearly smooth shell with a central apex (Knight et… Continue reading Acmaeidae