Belongs within: Helcionellida. Who knows which way the water flows? Published 3 November 2016 There is no question that the molluscs are one of the most significant groups of animals in the marine environment. And thanks to the production by many species of mollusc of a hard shell, they are also one of the best-known… Continue reading Securiconidae


Belongs within: Helcionellida. The Coreospiridae are a group of univalved molluscs from the Early Cambrian with a planispiral or near-planispiral shell with few coils (Parkhaev 2002). Coreospiridae [Coreospiroidei] |–Cambrospira Yu 1979P02 |–Hugiagouella Chen & Zhang 1980P02 |–Cambroconus Yu 1981P02 |–Hubeispira Yu 1981P02 |–Uncinaspira He 1984P02 |–‘Gibbaspira’ He 1984 non McLean 1971P02 |–Kutanjia Kruse 1991P02 |–Tichkaella… Continue reading Coreospiridae


Belongs within: Helcionellida. The Scenellidae are a group of univalved molluscs known from the Early Cambrian, with a simple cap-shaped shell without a peripheral buttress (Parkhaev 2002, as Helcionellidae). Scenellidae [Helcionellidae]BR05 |–Yangtzeconinae [Yangtzeconiacea, Yangtzeconidae]BR17 | |–Yangtzeconus Yu 1979BR17 | | `–*Y. priscus Yu 1979BR17 | `–Ceratoconus Chen & Zhang 1980 [Ceratoconidae]BR17 | `–*C. striatus Chen… Continue reading Scenellidae


Belongs within: Helcionellida. Yochelcionella daleki Published 6 May 2010 This is the Cambrian mollusk Yochelcionella daleki, named after the most popular science fiction villains ever to be constructed from an upturned dustbin and a toilet plunger. And to be honest, anyone that knew me and knew that there was such an animal could have probably… Continue reading Yochelcionellidae