Belongs within: Scaphopoda. Dentalium is a cosmopolitan genus of tusk shells known from the Middle Triassic to the present day. In members of the type subgenus, the shell is prismatic or strongly ribbed, with a polygonal cross-section toward the apex. The subgenus Antalis is less strongly ribbed than Dentalium sensu stricto, without a polygonal cross-section… Continue reading Dentalium


Belongs within: Rostroconchia.Contains: Gadilimorpha, Laevidentaliidae, Dentalium. The Scaphopoda, tusk shells, are a group of benthic molluscs with a tubular shell that live buried in the sediment, feeding on micro-organisms. In members of the Dentaliida, the shell generally tapers evenly whereas Gadilida commonly have the shell constricted toward the mouth (Ludbrook 1960). Two pairs of dorsoventral… Continue reading Scaphopoda


Belongs within: Mollusca.Contains: Conocardioida, Scaphopoda. The Rostroconchia are a group of molluscs known from the Cambrian to Late Permian. They possess a pseudobivalved shell, with the valves joined by an anterior partition called the pegma that in life also provided the attachment site for the pedal retractor muscles; a posterior pegma may also be present… Continue reading Rostroconchia