Gill graspers Published 2 May 2023 The class of parasitic flatworms known as the flukes can mostly be divided between two major assemblages, known as the Digenea and Monogenea. The better-studied of these assemblages is certainly the Digenea, by virtue of including those species that infect terrestrial vertebrates such as humans. However, the diversity of… Continue reading Discocotylidae


Belongs within: Echinostomatoidea.Contains: Echinostoma. The Echinostomatidae are spinous flukes found in the intestines of birds and mammals (Dawes 1956). Characters (from Dawes 1956): Elongate, spinous, muscular distomes of variable size, having closely approximated suckers, of which the ventral may be especially powerful, and a fleshy anterior head collar bearing a single or double coronet of… Continue reading Echinostomatidae


Belongs within: Cestoda.Contains: Proteocephalidae, Monticelliidae, Hymenolepidata, Taeniata. The Eucestoda, true tapeworms, are parasitic flatworms found as adults in the digestive tract of vertebrates. The body is divided into scolex, neck and strobila with the strobila composed of numerous segments (proglottids); male and female reproductive systems are present in each proglottid (Miller & Harley 1996). Eucestoda… Continue reading Eucestoda


Belongs within: Monopisthocotylea.Contains: Neodactylogyrus, Dactylogyrus. Choking worms Published 1 September 2022 The parasitic flatworms known as flukes have attained a well-deserved notoriety. Of the two largest subgroups of flukes, most of this notoriety is attached to members of the Digenea as this group includes those species that directly infect humans. However, one should not underestimate… Continue reading Dactylogyridae


Belongs within: Opisthorchioidea. The Opisthorchiidae are flukes found in the gall bladder and bile ducts of tetrapods (Dawes 1956). Depending on the liver Published 28 July 2016 Every year, tens of millions of people worldwide (particularly in tropical Asia) suffer the effects of clonorchiasis and opisthorchiasis, conditions caused by infections with liver flukes of the… Continue reading Opisthorchiidae


Belongs within: Neoophora.Contains: Typhloplanoida. The Rhabdocoela are a group of flatworms with a straight, simple gut and an anterior mouth. Rhabdocoela [Eleucithophora] `–NeorhabdocoelaS86 | i. s.: MesostomaC81 | |–M. californicumC81 | `–M. craciC81 |–TyphloplanoidaS86 |–Dalyellida [Dalyellioida]S86 | |–Balgetia Luther 1962S86 | | `–B. papii Kolasa 1976S86 | |–ProvortexLOL03 | | |–P. psammophilusLOL03 | | `–P.… Continue reading Rhabdocoela