Belongs within: Opisthosporidia.Contains: Marinosporidia, Terresporidia. Polar parasites Published 8 July 2023 Life as a parasite comes with its challenges but there has never been a shortage of those willing to have their sustenance provided by others. Among the spectrum of eukaryotes, none have committed more to the parasitic lifestyle than the microsporidians. Microsporidians are obligate… Continue reading Microsporea


Belongs within: Opisthokonta.Contains: Microsporea. The Microsporidia are a group of anaerobic intracellular parasites, usually found in animals, which penetrate the cells of their hosts by means of an extrusive polar tube. <==OpisthosporidiaAB19 |–Rozella Cornu 1872JK06, AS12 (see below for synonymy) | `–R. allomycis Faust 1937AB19 |–Aphelidea (see below for synonymy)AB19 | |–ParaphelidiumAB19 | |–Pseudaphelidium Schweikert… Continue reading Opisthosporidia