Belongs within: Microbotryomycetes.Contains: Rhodotorula. The Sporidiobolus clade includes red teliosporic yeasts. <==Sporidiobolaceae [Sporidiobolales] | i. s.: Aessosporon Van der Walt 1970KC01 | Rogersiomyces Crane & Schokn. 1978KC01 |–+–RhodotorulaZB03 | `–+–‘Rhodosporidium’ lusitaniaeZB03 | `–+–‘Sporobolomyces’ poonsookiaeZB03 | `–+–‘Rhodosporidium’ azoricumSG03 | `–+–+–‘Rhodosporidium’ fluvialeSG03 | | `–‘Sporidiobolus’ microsporusZB03 | `–+–‘Sporidiobolus’ ruineniaeZB03 | `–+–‘Sporobolomyces’ nylandiiZB03 | `–‘Sporobolomyces’ odoratusZB03 `–Sporidiobolus Nyland… Continue reading Sporidiobolaceae


Belongs within: Pucciniomycotina.Contains: Sporidiobolaceae, Microbotryales. The Microbotryomycetes are a diverse clade of fungi, often yeasts, including phytoparasitic, mycoparasitic and probable saprobic species. The clade is primarily supported by molecular data. Microbotryomycetes [Microbotryomycetidae] |–+–‘Rhodotorula’ auriculariaeSG03 | `–+–+–‘Rhodotorula’ buffoniiSG03 | | `–+–‘Rhodotorula’ bogoriensisSG03 | | `–‘Rhodotorula’ pustulaSG03 | `–+–‘Bensingtonia’ yamatoanaSG03 | `–+–‘Rhodotorula’ ferulicaSG03 | `–+–+–‘Rhodotorula’ hylophilaSG03 |… Continue reading Microbotryomycetes


Belongs within: Pucciniaceae. Puccinia is a diverse genus of rust fungi infecting angiosperms. Species may be heteroecious or autoecious, macro- or microcyclic; teliospores are usually two-celled, more rarely one-celled or composed of several cells separated by transverse septa (Kirk et al. 2001). Some species are significant economic pests such as the stem rust P. graminis… Continue reading Puccinia


Belongs within: Pucciniomycotina. Bensingtonia is a genus of yeasts characterised by the production of ballistoconidia and the presence of the Q-9 ubiquinone. Agaricostilbaceae [Agaricostilbales, Agaricostilbomycetidae] |–Bensingtonia Ingold 1986WB03, KC01 | |–*B. ciliataWB03 | `–B. naganoensisWB03 `–+–Kondoa Yamada, Nakagawa & Banno 1989 non Baker 1941 (ICZN)WB03, KC01 | |–+–K. myxariophyllaWB03 | | |–‘Bensingtonia’ phylladaWB03 | |… Continue reading Agaricostilbaceae


Belongs within: Microbotryomycetes. The Microbotryales are a group of smut fungi, previously classified with the other smuts in the Ustilaginomycetes but now recognised as a convergent subgroup of the Urediniomycetes. Characters (from Bauer et al. 2001): Intercellular parasitic hyphae or haustoria only; cellular interactions without primary interactive vesicles; type A 5S rRNA secondary structure; mannose… Continue reading Microbotryales