Belongs within: Opisthokonta.Contains: Entomophthorales, Kickxellomycotina. What value a sporangium? Published 20 January 2017 Regular readers of this site will know that I select the subject of most posts by assigning myself a taxon semi-randomly and then trying to find something to say about it. And sometimes when I spin the wheel, what comes out can… Continue reading Zoopagomycota


Belongs within: Zoopagomycota. The Entomophthorales are a group of fungi that are mostly parasitic on insects and arachnids, though some species of Conidiobolus are known as pathogens on humans. One of the best known species, Entomophthora muscae, is a fatal pathogen of house flies and other Diptera, with infections particularly common in spring and autumn.… Continue reading Entomophthorales