Belongs within: Isoetophyta. Selaginella, the spike-mosses, is a genus of superficially moss-like plants found most abundantly in tropical and subtropical regions. The majority (but not all) of species in this genus possess structures called rhizophores, aerial leafless shoots that grow downwards, bearing adventitious roots. Characters (from I. A. Valdespino): Plants terrestrial, on rock, or rarely… Continue reading Selaginella


Belongs within: Lycopodiopsida.Contains: Selaginella, Lepidocarpales. The Isoetophyta include the modern quillworts (Isoetes) and spikemosses (Selaginella). Modern species are small herbaceous plants, but the Palaeozoic Lepidodendrales included large arborescent forms. Isoetophytes possess a ligule, and most species except the basal Devonian Leclercqia are heterosporous (Doyle 1998). Isoetes species are aquatic or grow in wet ground, and… Continue reading Isoetophyta


Belongs within: Lycopodiales. Lycopodium is a genus of club mosses. Different authors have applied different circumscriptions to this genus, which may have a number of distinct genera separated out from it. Even when treated narrowly, the genus includes species with a wide variety of growth forms, from low matted forms to high climbers, with the… Continue reading Lycopodium