Belongs within: Zygnematophyceae.Contains: Desmidiaceae. The Desmidiales, placoderm desmids, are filamentous or unicellular green algae with segmented, elaborately ornamented cell walls (McCourt et al. 2000). <==Desmidiales [Desmidioideae] |–+–+–DesmidiaceaeMK00 | | `–Penium [Peniaceae, Penieae]MK00 | | |–P. closterioidesG64 | | |–P. cylindrusG64 | | |–P. digitusG64 | | |–P. interruptumG64 | | |–P. jenneriG64 | | |–P.… Continue reading Desmidiales


Belongs within: Streptophyta.Contains: Desmidiales, Zygnematoideae. The Zygnematophyceae, conjugating green algae, are a group of unicellular or filamentous green algae found in fresh water. Sexual reproduction occurs via conjugation, with no ciliated stages in the life cycle, and cells lack centrioles (Adl et al. 2019). <==Zygnematophyceae (see below for synonymy)MK00 |–+–Netrium digitusMK00 | `–DesmidialesMK00 `–TrichimorphaG64 |–ThwaitesieaeG64… Continue reading Zygnematophyceae


Belongs within: Desmidiaceae. Cosmarium is a genus of unicellular desmids bearing two rounded semicells lacking spines. <==Cosmarium |–C. amoenumG64 |–C. amplumP08 |–C. aphanichondrumP08 |–C. attenuatumG64 |–C. bacciferumP08 |–C. binerveP08 |–C. bioculatumG64 |–C. biretumG64 |–C. boeckiiP08 | |–C. b. var. boeckiiP08 | |–C. b. var. imperfectum Playfair 1908P08 | `–C. b. var. trifoliatum Playfair 1908P08 |–C.… Continue reading Cosmarium


Belongs within: Desmidiales.Contains: Cosmarium, Euastrum, Staurastrum. The Desmidiaceae are a family of desmids in which the cell has elaborately sculptured walls and is divided between two semicells connected by a narrow isthmus. <==Desmidiaceae [Cosmarieae, Desmidieae, Xanthidieae]MK00 |–ArthrodesmusMK00 | |–A. convergensG64 | |–A. gibberulusP08 | | |–A. g. var. gibberulusP08 | | `–A. g. var. ellipticus… Continue reading Desmidiaceae


Belongs within: Desmidiaceae. Euastrum is a genus of desmids characterised by cells with two symmetrical semicells, usually longer than wide, with wavy, lobed edges and an apical notch on each semicell. <==Euastrum |–E. affineG64 |–E. agalmaH04 |–E. ampullaceumG64 |–E. ansatumG64 |–E. apiculatumH04 |–E. binaleG64 |–E. circulareG64 |–E. cosmarioidesP08 |–E. crassumG64 |–E. cuneatumG64 |–E. dideltaG64 |–E.… Continue reading Euastrum


Belongs within: Desmidiaceae. Staurastrum is a genus of desmids with cells divided between two semicells by a deep midline constriction, each bearing radially arranged arm-like processes. <==Staurastrum Meyen 1829M70 |–S. aculeatumH04 |–S. alternansG64 |–S. anatinum Cooke & Wills 1880M70 |–S. angolenseP08 |–S. approximatumP08 | |–S. a. var. approximatumP08 | `–S. a. var. centenniale Playfair 1908P08… Continue reading Staurastrum