Belongs within: Euryarchaeota. The Protoarchaea are a group of hyperthermophilic prokaryotes possessing histones, reverse gyrase and cell walls, but lacking DNA gyrase (Cavalier-Smith 2002). ProtoarchaeaC-S02 | i. s.: PalaeococcusC-S02 `–Thermococcaceae [Thermococcales, Thermococci]GH01 |–Pyrococcus Fiala & Stetter 1986VP GH01 | |–*P. furiosus Fiala & Stetter 1986VP GH01 | |–P. glycovorans Barbier, Godfroy et al. 1999VP GH01… Continue reading Protoarchaea


Belongs within: Euryarchaeota. The taxonomy of cow farts Published 21 January 2014 The organism in the above picture (from Garrity & Holt 2001) may not look particularly remarkable, but this is a very important microbe. This is a thin section of Methanobrevibacter ruminantium, a member of the group of archaebacteria known as the Methanobacteriales (methanogens).… Continue reading Methanobacteriales